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General Information and Communication Technology II (Spring 2015)

This course is held jointly by Michael Kohlhase (MK), Herbert Jaeger (HJ), Peter Baumann (PB) and Lars Linsen (LL).

Class sessions: Tuesday 11:15 and Thursday 9:45, CS Lecture Hall (Research I)

Course topics: This course continues on the mission of GenICT I:  give a broad introduction to Computer Science for non-CS students. In this Spring semester we want to emphasize application aspects of modern CS. The stepwise introduction to programming in Python will be continued from the Fall semester.

Grading and exams: The course is taught in four sections. Every section ends with an exam (~45 minutes) covering the content of the ending section. Each exam is worth 20% of the final grade. Together, the four exams determine 80% of the final grade. The remaining 20% can be gained by submitting homeworks. The homeworks in each section will count 5% of the final grade. Homeworks have to be submitted through jgrader.

Note: Due to a (successful, unfortunately) hacker attack, the original webpage was destroyed and could not be recovered.