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Teaching Highlights

A research seminar which beat them all...

In Spring 2007, a seminar in the Smart Systems graduate program set forth to participate in an international competition for predicting financial time series. Five wildly motivated students (two from mathematics and three from Computer Science) and Herbert Jaeger first struggled through the basic cookbooks of financial forecasting (a field that was as new to them), then added a little top flavor of home-made machine learning goodies -- and in the end, did WIN this competition.

Here are some of the very diverse 111 financial time series that we predicted:




And here is the full story.


An elongate piece of calcium carbonate...

painted gold, was awarded to Herbert Jaeger for the best lecture in the department by the students of the Dept. of Technology, University Bielefeld, for his lecture on "Adaptive Signal Processing" in Summer 2001.





Herbert Jaeger was voted by students as Teacher of the Year 2016/17 in the Focus Area Mobility.